When Cats Run Around Suddenly and Out of Nowhere

Cats can get strange when they get hopped up. Kali sometimes gets like this right after a meal, and it’s hilarious to watch her because we know she absolutely has to expend all that energy. At the same time, she has to stay in the room where she was fed, so the other cats have a chance to finish their food, too. When cats run around like this, hilarity ensues:

Cats run around to release stored up energy

What makes cats run around like this? Pets Advisor says that one possibility is, in fact, stored up energy. Cats spend a lot of their time lying around, sleeping, lounging, and otherwise not doing much. That means that they build up energy reserves that they just suddenly have to burn off, and tearing around the house is one way to do that.

Hunting behavior

Way of Cats says that sitting still one moment, and then exploding into action the next, is how cats hunt. They love to feign complete disinterest, and even a certain obliviousness. It can lull their prey into a false sense of security, because they think the cat isn’t aware of them.

According to Way of Cats, this is the opposite of dogs. They say that there’s a reason we walk dogs, and play with cats using wand toys and other things that mimic their prey. Each type of exercise is a substitute for their natural hunting behavior. Cats study and ambush their prey; they don’t follow it and surround it with hunting partners the way dogs do. This doesn’t explain why cats have to go crazy. It means that they need to run around like crazy.

Fleas or other “itchies”

Pets Advisor says that fleas is another reason cats run around like this. There’s a sharp sting that comes with a flea bite, and if your cat is getting bitten all the time, they get very annoying, and your cat might be trying to get away from them.

When cats run around like this, and it’s a new and perplexing behavior, you might want to consider making an appointment with your vet to rule out a medical cause. One rare condition, called feline hyperesthesia syndrome, can cause “crazy kitty” behavior. This condition has some other symptoms, though, including excessive licking and scratching. If your cat suddenly launches into activity after licking or scratching frantically, that’s a good sign that you ought to call your vet. It’s generally a good idea to call your vet and ask about any new behavior you observe.

In the video above, Kali’s releasing excess energy after eating. Why she gets that is beyond us, because none of our other cats get that way right after eating. Usually, though, when cats run around like she does, it’s normal feline behavior.

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