Cats Eating In My House Results in ‘Kali Chaos Hour’

This is probably an odd story to put here, but it’s interesting, at least to me. One of our cats, Kali, has this really fun habit of going absolutely crazy after she’s done eating. Yesterday, she tore into the bedroom, tried to jump on a shelf above my head, didn’t quite make it, and knocked absolutely everything over as she came back down (she’s fine). This is normal for her after eating, and we call it “Kali chaos hour,” but what is the deal? Is it possible all of our cats eating causes this?

Why would our cats eating end up in ‘Kali chaos hour?’

Kali What are you Looking At Cats Eating

Well, first off, cats were born to hunt in the wild. Quiet, sedate mealtimes aren’t really hardwired into our furry feline friends. Cats eating small prey multiple times a day is far more natural to them because this is actually how they hunt. They fake utter disinterest, and then suddenly explode after their prey.

That may not be the only reason cats do this; however, Kali is a little stick of dynamite. I’ve often wondered if she’s got stored up energy from her afternoons and full nights of cuddling and sleeping. We feed our cats fairly soon after we get up, and then again fairly close to when we go to bed. I think that Kali gets hungry, but stores all her energy up until she eats.

After she eats, she needs an outlet for all that bottled up energy.

Our cats eating might actually help Kali release energy

Kali Close-Up (a) Cats Eating

It’s a little strange, because our cats eating at all the same times is the norm in this house. Kali, however, is the only one who runs around this way almost as soon as she’s finished (how does she not get a cramp?). Even her brother, Chase, who often has just as much energy, doesn’t tear through the house the way she does.

It’s like our cats eating is just a means to an end for everyone except her. Then again, she and Chase didn’t have a normal start to their lives (they were bottle babies; we believe their mother was killed), so should I really be surprised? Probably not. “Kali chaos hour” will reign until her final days (which we hope are far, far in the future).

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