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When Cats are Obviously up to Something

You’ve noticed that your cats seem to sometimes work together to…who knows. They’re cats. They’re conspiring against us, and that’s all there is to it. They’re having secret meetings and conferences, and walking in on them is like walking in on the cool kids’ group in school. They stop what they’re doing, and give you a look that very clearly says, “GO AWAY.”

Below are six pics of cats that are clearly up to something:


Move it! Mine!

When Kali and Chase were kittens, Kali would beat up on Chase. We thought he was going to end up being her doormat. We were wrong.

He didn’t turn Kali into his doormat, but he did make it abundantly clear that he was nobody’s doormat as they got older. Despite all of Kali’s posturing, in this house, Chase rules.

She used to walk all over him like this.