5 Grooming Tools To Keep Your Cat’s Coat Well Groomed


Note: This is republished from Pawsitive Pet Parenting, with some edits

When you have cats, grooming is a necessary part of caring for them. This is especially true for cats with longer fur, which gets tangled and matted easily. Mats form very close to the skin, are uncomfortable for cats, and attract and trap dirt, bits of plants, dead skin, and even bugs, so it’s important that you keep their fur brushed and tangle-free. Here are some of the best grooming tools for the job, whether your cat has long or short fur.

Flea comb

Flea combs are good grooming tools because they have finer teeth that can pull tangles apart before they become mats. In addition to that, flea combs can help to pull burrs out of your cat’s fur. Finally, if you’re having a flea problem, these combs can help you brush the fleas out of your cat’s fur while you’re waiting for their flea medicine to work, or in between flea dips.

Pin Brush/Slicker Brush

These brushes have fine metal “pins” that are very good for pulling dead fur and loose tangles, or newly forming mats, out of your cat’s coat. These are good grooming tools for both long haired and short haired cats, because they catch the dead undercoat much better than a comb.

De-Shedding Tool

This is either a Furminator-type comb, or a combination de-matting rake and Furminator-type comb. These grooming tools are excellent for loosening and removing a lot of dead fur in a short period of time. This is an especially good comb to use in the spring, when your cat is shedding his winter coat, and can also help thin his coat more quickly for the summer. Be careful, though, that you don’t brush out too much of his undercoat! You should also only use this tool a few times a year to avoid too much thinning, particularly in cats with thinner coats. You might be able to use it once a month in cats with heavier coats.

Blunt or Ball-Tipped Trimming Scissors

You can use these grooming tools in combination with a flea comb to remove mats from your pet’s fur. Start by carefully working the flea comb into the base of the mat, as close to the skin as possible. This holds the mat in place and shields your pet’s skin from the blades. Then you can cut out the mat without cutting your pet. Check out this article for a more detailed explanation of how to remove mats. Keep in mind that this method is best for mats the size of your thumbnail or smaller. Bigger mats may require a groomer’s help.

Shampoo Brush

These brushes distribute shampoo throughout your cat’s fur while gently brushing their coats and massaging their skin during bath time. If your cat enjoys getting bathed, these grooming tools can make it easier for you and even more comfortable for them.

There are other great tools as well, but each of these address all the basic grooming needs of your pet. Of course, if your pet does not like being brushed or groomed, or you always have trouble with it, and it’s in your budget, taking them to a professional groomer is best.

2 Replies to “5 Grooming Tools To Keep Your Cat’s Coat Well Groomed”

  1. Eliza Hoover

    i hv bn using a flea comb on my outdoor/indoor cat to groom and am now wondering if I am taking out too much good unmatted undercoat which she needs for winter?

    • ourcatsworld Post author

      Probably not, unless you’re seeing skin through her fur. If that’s the case, then yes, you’re taking out too much undercoat, but if not, then she should be fine, even for winter.


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