Getting Cats off your Lap the Loving Way

Every cat parent has experienced this: You’re at your desk, on your sofa, or even in bed, and you have your cat on your lap. You really need to get up, but you don’t want to hurt your cat’s feelings. The simple answer is, obviously, to stay put, because you don’t ever disturb a comfortable cat. However, what if staying put just isn’t an option? How do you go about getting cats off your lap, while loving them and making them think it was their idea?

Getting cats off your lap might actually be easier than you think, even if your cat is really good at that sad-cat look that makes you feel so guilty, you’ll offer your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and first-born child to him if he asks. You simply have to get super-affectionate with him.


Hug him

The first step towards getting cats off your lap is to hug them. Gently pick your cat up and wrap your arms around him, while supporting his back feet. Cats generally don’t like being hugged, so you don’t want squeeze him too hard or be too rough with him. The idea isn’t to scare him, it’s just to get him off your lap.

Kiss him

While you’re holding him, gently give him tiny kisses on his cheeks and the top of his head. If you don’t fancy the idea of kissing your cat, you can just keep him in his gentle hug, and rock back and forth with him slightly.

Put him back down

Slowly stand up, and gently put your cat back down where he was, in a comfortable position for him. This is the most important, and crucial, step to getting cats off your lap, and making them think it was their idea. The reason is that this method isn’t intended to stress him and make him run away. It’s meant to make it so you can get up, while doing things that build his trust in you and strengthen your bond with him.


Way of Cats says that one mistake we make with hugging our cats is that we tend to carry them around. While many cats don’t like even being hugged, some of those cats might be okay with hugging if we just wouldn’t carry them around.

If you pick your cat up, hug him, and then put him back down in the exact same place (minus your lap) this helps to combine love and respect for your cat. He might not be getting your lap back yet, but you show respect for his boundaries when you don’t carry him to a new spot while he can’t understand what you’re doing.

Getting cats off your lap doesn’t have to be heartbreaking

Some cats don’t mind getting hugged, and some don’t mind getting picked up and carried around. This method, however, can help in getting cats off your lap without you feeling like you’re just dumping your cat on the floor, when he was warm, cozy, comfy, and happy. If you do it right, you can build your relationship, your trust, and strengthen your bond with him.

This method can also make your cat think getting off of your lap was his idea. It might make him just uncomfortable enough to think that he made you move, or he decided to get up on his own. Getting cats off your lap this way is the best way to do it, when you literally can’t stay put any longer.

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  1. Emily

    My cat always gets up if you move even slightly, then she won’t pay back down for the rest of the day. It is kind of like she is avoiding me and it makes me feel so guilty so I typically just let her lay on me but make a loud noise if I have to go to the restroom. Any other case, I just let her lay. What should I do even though you probably won’t be able to help me. No body can actually solve other people’s problems. It is a hit or miss kinda thing and everyone misses. Even you.


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