Cat People May Share Distinct Personality Traits

If you’re a cat person, you probably have some personality traits in common with other cat people. Some new research shows, in fact, that just having a cat can say a lot about a person’s health, character, and even their dating life. So what are some of these personality traits that cat people share? As a cat person, I know that I’ve got some of them myself.


What cat people tend to have in common with each other

Cat people tend to be introverted, meaning they prefer to spend time alone (or with their cats), and that being around other people for too long can be exhausting. This is definitely true of me. I’ll go to parties, and I’ll go out with friends, but none of this happens very often because I prefer my alone time. People are just flat-out exhausting for me, but my cats aren’t.

Some studies have suggested that cat people are, on average, smarter than dog people. We also tend to be more sensitive and less conforming than non-cat people. That last one is sort of me; I don’t like going with the flow, but I will follow the rules to the letter, at least until I learn how to bend them.

Why I prefer my cats to (most) people

One of the biggest reasons I prefer my cats is because, while I joke that cats sit in their ivory towers, casting all sorts of judgment down upon us, the truth is that my cats don’t make me feel judged. They don’t make me feel like I’m a horrible person because I’ve made a mistake the way that people can. They don’t tell me what I should and should not think (there’s another aspect of non-conformity).

Many cat people I know both personally, and online, feel the same way.


All of that can fall under both introversion and non-conformity. As far as cat people being more sensitive, I’m not sure what that means in this context, but I do have strong empathy (for people and for cats). It can get me into trouble with people, because their feelings can “rub off” on me, and alter my own feelings about something.

It’s interesting, but perhaps not surprising, that cat people would share some personality traits, as would dog people and people who prefer other animals. So what personality traits do all you cat people out there have in common?

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  1. Cat Kennie

    We talk to our cats. We pamper our cats. I open my soda can in the kitchen so that I don’t disturb my cat who is sleeping. We stay longer in one place because the cat is on us and if we move the cat will be disturbed. We are more artistic than dog lovers.

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