Kali – Our Little Stick of Dynamite


Kali is probably our most energetic cat. She’s firing on all cylinders far more often than any of our other cats. What one friend of mine termed, “kitty chaos hour,” is a regular occurrence with her; she tears through the house hunting, chasing, and playing, more than once a day.

I’ve posted video of her here before, tearing around, and coming close to the sideways dance:

She also likes to amuse herself:


We took her in, along with her brother, Chase, when they were just three weeks old. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but as near as we can figure, their mama was killed somehow, probably hit by a car.

Kali Kitten

Kali Chase Kittens

Kali Kitten Dish

Kali Kitten Post


Kali pretty

Kali Kitten Washing

Kali Prim

Kali Window

Kali What Is This


Kali Close-Up (a)

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