Comfy, Sleepy Kitties

These are pics of all four of our kitties comfy, or sleepy, or both, in their favorite spots, in their favorite positions. Except for the one of Chase and Aria, who were trying to share that bed on my desk and only half succeeding.

Kali_RuffThis is Kali, looking at me through her ruff. She does this frequently, like she’s trying to be asleep and trying to watch what we’re doing at the same time.

Gizmo_Condo_WindowWhen Gizmo can get the top of the condo, that’s where she likes to be. The sun warms her up, and she can see outside. Unfortunately, Kali or Chase usually claim the condo first. It’s a popular spot in our house.

Aria_Asleep_VintageThis is an older picture of Aria, sound asleep and all twisted up. She’s always slept this way. We can even make her stretch her front paws by pressing lightly on her chest when she’s like this.

Chase_And_Aria_BedChase and Aria get along okay, but they do bicker over this bed on my desk. Aria loves the bed itself, while Chase wants it so he can be close to me while I’m working.

Chase_Cozy_SleepyWhen we have a blanket piled on the couch, all four of our cats will try and claim it, and it’s ends up being first come, first served. Whoever gets the blanket will stay there forever.

Chase_Back_FeetChase doesn’t usually rest on his back, but every once in a great while, he will.

Gizmo_Bed_OldThis is Gizmo when she’s completely relaxed. She’s high strung, and doesn’t relax like this very often. It’s a treat for us when she feels this way.

Kali_FlatcatI actually called this picture “Kali Flatcat,” because she really flattened herself out here. Nuzzling on this pillow, and kneading on it (while drooling) are her favorite things to do when she wants to relax. If she relaxes enough, she gets so incredibly flat that I have no words for it.

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