Scrappy, The Famous Cat With Vitiligo, Is Ill

Most die-hard cat people know who Scrappy is (I know I’m a big fan). He’s a black cat who mysteriously began turning white, and now has black-and-white markings that are very unique. He’s 18 years old, too, which means he’s likely to have health problems, and health problems are what he’s going through now.

Scrappy’s health problems are common for cats his age

Scrappy has been diagnosed with liver and kidney problems that are terminal, according to While his parent doesn’t explain exactly what’s wrong, we do know that he’s on medication that can help prolong his life:

The last update to his Facebook page is a photo of him in a garden that was posted yesterday.

How did Scrappy come by his markings?

Scrappy became famous across the Internet for his very unusual markings. He’s black-and-white, but not like any black-and-white cats that we’re used to. Instead of being a tuxedo cat, or a black-and-white tabby, his fur is oddly spotted, with no rhyme or reason to the markings.

He was born in 1997 as a solid black cat, but over time, white blotches began appearing in his fur. Apparently, he has vitiligo – the same condition that caused Michael Jackson’s skin to turn white. In cats, vitiligo is very rare, and it will make a black cat’s fur slowly turn white.

That’s why this cat has such unusual markings, which make him unique and quite handsome. It was a relief to me to find that vitiligo doesn’t affect a cat’s health at all. It just affects his coloring and his markings, and that’s the case with Scrappy. Until recently, he was a healthy and happy cat.

The vet originally gave him six months, but perhaps they’re optimistic that his new diet and medicine will help him live longer than that. Unfortunately, given his age, it may just be his time. Either way, Scrappy is well-loved, and well-taken care of, and his life will no doubt continue to be very full.


Featured image via embedded Facebook post